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I am Edward and I am in the field of concrete making. I know this might not sound terribly interesting to most people, but there are people who are into this, especially home builders, home remodelers, home and business construction companies, etc. You get the picture.

There is a lot of work and energy that goes into creating these machine and I am going to be sharing information on this blog about gauging systems, cnc machines. If you are wondering what a gaging system is, it is a machine that “gauges,” makes sure that the equipment manufacturers are creating is accurate. How that relates to cnc machines? CNC machines are used in metalworking and when you are using machinery that is creating parts for such things as automobiles and cars, precision and accuracy are imperative.

There is so much that goes on behind the scenes when you are talking about building and constructing. Most people might not know this, but all the nuts, bolts, tubes, cables, and everything else has to be right on point. One centimeter too long or too short or to think and it throws everything off. And we have all read the results of when a part was constructed wrong for everything from a car to a crib…the outcome was disastrous.

So, I hope you will continue to check back in to see what I will be discussing.

Thanks for stopping by!